When a child has cancer

When a child has cancer

Life expectancy

Human beings are amazing. We adapt and recover from almost any situation no matter how difficult it may be, and children are no exception.

Cancer of a child It is one of the most painful situations that you will have to live with the family. The simple arrival of this disease changes many things and it cannot continue as before. However, the most important thing to remember is that cancer is curable in a very high percentageAlthough the road seems long and dark, little by little you will see the light, because the most important thing in this process is to maintain hope and love.

Have we done something wrong?

A feeling of guilt often appears during the disease process. It is normal to feel it, but it is also important that you are aware that nothing you did is the cause of the disease. If you allow guilt to invade you, it will paralyze you. Focus your attention on everything that you are doing now for your child and the fight that you are having together, that is what is really important. Feel proud as a father and accompany him at all times. You are a team!

It is important that children feel accompanied by their parents, that they transmit strength, give them an example and maintain discipline and structure, because that gives them certainty and security.

Cancer treatment is a long process and you have to go little by step, step by step. (Keep reading)

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